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Life Inside Out 


Directed by Jill D’Agnenica

Written by Maggie Baird and Lori Nasso

When a mother returns to her musical roots, she rediscovers the passion of her youth, and finds a way to connect with her troubled youngest son

Starring Maggie Baird and Finneas O'Connell



The Los Angeles Times

“Gentle, poignant drama whose heart and head are squarely in the right place. Engaging, naturalistic performances and nicely explored real-world issues add to this absorbing film's down-to-earth appeal..”“...tender direction by Jill D'Agnenica”


The Hollywood Reporter

“First-time director Jill D’Agnenica lets the open-mic sessions play out at considerable length, and they effectively convey a sense of community among disparate characters who bring varying degrees of artistic yearning and talent to the small stage.”


The Coast News

“A gentle step-by-step journey of interpersonal bonding through the absorbing power of music.”


The Independent Critic

“D’Agnenica has a tremendous visual eye and frame after frame of Life Inside Out draws you in and refuses to let you go.”


The San Diego Reader

“Dialog and performance are woven together with such candor and insight that moments pass where it felt like eavesdropping through an open window.”


New Times San Luis Obispo

“There’s a true art to coming up with a story that is sweet but not saccharine, sentimental but not cheesy. And Life Inside Out, director Jill D’Agnenica’s narrative film on new beginnings and second acts, treads that line beautifully.”


Phoenix Movie Examiner

“A magnificently moving motion picture, this musical dramedy inspires viewers to find meaning in life through creative expression while also treating them to some outstanding original songs.”


Sight on Sound

“Smartly written, confidently directed and wears its unapologetic heart on its tear-stained sleeve.”


Reel News Daily

“Life Inside Out has so much heart. This story will resonate with you long after the credits have finished rolling.”


Brave New Hollywood

“A nuanced, decidedly real portrait of self-discovery and family life that is remarkable not just for its no BS performances (especially by Ms. Baird, and breakout star, Finneas O’Connell) but also for its refreshing lack of melodrama.”


The Dove Foundation

“A remarkable story with wonderful music.”


Spirituality and Practice

“A healing balm for adolescent and middle-agers alike.”

Maggie Baird and Finneas O'Connell as Laura and Shane Life Inside Out
Finneas (Shane) and Yogi play guitar Life Inside Out
Open Mic Performers Life Inside Out
Festival Laurels Life Inside Out
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