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Life Inside Out Maggie Baird Finneas O'Connell
Switched at Birth Freeform
Play it Forward Angel City Chorale
It's Not the Holidays 'til the Angels Sing Angel City Chorale
A Dog's Story Margaret Adachi
Sogno di Volare Angel City Chorale
Ain't Got Your Money Ruby Friedman
Journey on a Bullet Ruby Friedman
Leslie Lanxinger Artist
How Far Does a Dollar Go? Los Angeles Regional Food Bank PSA

features in development

All That's Left of Eddie
Garden of Lost Souls
Garden Hermit



Big Sky
Ordinary Joe NBC
Party of Five
Creepshow Shudder
Insatiable Netflix
Lucifer FOX
Stitchers Freeform
Switched at Birth Freeform
Hollywood Heights Nickelodeon
Dirt FX
The Division Lifetime
How to Get Away with Murder ABC
Pretty Little Liars Freeform
Undercovers NBC

independent features

Murder and Cocktails
Life Inside Out Maggie Baird Finneas O'Connell
Nothing Special
Diamond Heist
Pass the Popcorn

 about me

Jill at Monitor Life Inside Out
Visual storyteller. Shaper of narrative. Lover of story.


As both a filmmaker and visual artist, I'm a creator of narratives, and a delighted fan of the myriad ways a story can be told. Making a living by creative problem solving feels more like play than work, even -- maybe especially -- on the most challenging days.

Along with working in television and film, an integral part of my practice as an artist and filmmaker is to serve as a connector, educator, and mentor -- a hand reached out on the path -- offering expertise, opinions, and access to newcomers, as well as a continuing exchange of information and skills among professional colleagues.

Working as both a Director and Editor, I have a unique perspective on how understanding editing can aid directors, cast, and crew in prep, on the set, and in post. I have taught individually tailored workshops and led panels on editorial to film students, emerging editors, directors, and actors at institutions including the DGA, the SAG/AFTRA Foundation, the ABC/Disney Directors Program, AMC/The Alliance of Women Directors, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts Cinematic Arts Department, American Film Institute, and The People’s Film School. Of particular note is my workshop on Subtext and Emotional Resonance.

I grew up in family restaurants. My no-nonsense immigrant mother had me working the cash register when I was nine (an old-school one that didn’t tabulate -- I had to figure out the change myself.) As a teen, I was promoted to server for a parade of hungry humanity, until escaping with an art degree and first television job in my 20’s. At least I stayed out of the heat and chaos of the kitchen, where my father, grandfather, and uncle reigned over delicious food and a nightly, inadvertent comedy routine with their oversized personalities and quirks.

Those years are my guidebook for comportment while working in our industry: be prepared, be organized, be prompt, be courteous, remain calm in the face of the unexpected, and treat each and every one of your co-workers with respect. Finally, if you must lose your shit, Jill, first help solve the problem. Then lose it in private. Preferably after hours. 



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